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2016 Angling Licence, Competition Licence Fee, etc.

08 Apr 2016 11:19 | Kevin Bonel (Administrator)

With the Government fee unit presently at 30 Ngwee the following are the 2016 angling permit fees applicable to our Members:

1. Angling Permit (Recreation) for Persons resident in Zambia:

i. Under 18 per month is 138 units or K41.40

ii. Under 18 per annum is 830 units or K249.00 (round to K250)

iii. Of the age of 18 years and above per month 280 units or K84.00

iv. Of the age of 18 years and above per annum 1,666 units or K499.80 (round to K500.00).

2. Persons not resident in Zambia is 2,800 units or K840

3. Fishing Competitions are 4,160 units per week or K1,248.00 (payable by the Fishing Competition Organisers to Fisheries Department).

Note - ZAWA will charge an ADDITIONAL daily angling fee of US$15 on anglers fishing in National Parks. Having a recreational fishing permit DOES NOT exempt you from this addition ZAWA fee.

To obtain your fishing licence you will need to visit the Fisheries Department in Chilanga with a copy of your ID. They will fill out a bank deposit slip which you then need to take to the Indo-Zambia Branch in Chilanga and deposit your fee(s). Then return with the stamped deposit slip to Fisheries and they will only then issue your recreational angling permit.

Thank you for your support!!

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