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  • 20 Feb 2020 16:08 | Lilia Samui (Administrator)

    Dear All,

    As was advised in the 2019 AGM, the Department of Maritime Inland Waterways from April 2019 NO longer accept Cash Payments for the Boat Registration Certificate. It is now a requirement that a deposit be made directly into their bank account and the deposit slip should be presented as proof before the documentation is released. 

    As per tradition for the ZSFA AGM to have the representatives of the Department of Maritime Inland Waterways available to issue the Boat Registrations, we are offering the service of making a transfer to their account in advance of the AGM to provide proof of payment on behalf of ZSFA Members, so that they can issue Registration Certificates at the AGM.

    However, we can only do so on your behalf, if you advise us by clicking the Blue Button Below to send us an email directly and confirm in writing your agreement to either repay us at the AGM or Pay In Advance into our Account. Proof of transfer/Deposit should be sent. The deadline for this Confirmation is 26th February 2020. 

    The Annual Fee is Now K684.00

    Please pay the correct amount as no change will be issued.

    Click to Email to Confirm ZSFA Advance Deposit to Department of Maritime Inland Waterways

    For those that wish to deposit the money directly into the Department of Maritime Account, you can do so and the account details are as follows:

    Department of Maritime Inland Waterways

    Zanaco 1396516300258





  • 31 Jan 2020 12:26 | Lilia Samui (Administrator)

    Dear Members,

    As of end of last year, the Lusaka Angling Centre no longer has a physical store and have opted to go Virtual with a collection point from Longacres, Lusaka.

    This means that going forward, all ZSFA Members must be registered on the Members' Website platform ( and payments can only be made either via Bank Transfer or Direct Deposit into the ZSFA Bank Account. No Cash Payments will be accepted.

    Receipts and Member Cards will be generated and made available online on your respective member pages; as we, as a Committee have decided to Go Environmentally Friendly and Paperless. 

    We therefore urge ALL Members to ensure that the Membership subscription is fully paid up prior to the respective Competitions.

    All Competition organisers will have to confirm in advance if participants are active paid up members, as a pre-requisite to participate in the affiliated competitions.

    We thank everyone who have made their payments so far, and promise we will be updating your Membership profiles in the coming week and will send confirmations via email to you all soonest. We appreciate your patience.

    Thank You!

    Lilia Samui,

    Treasurer, ZSFA Executive Committee, 2019

    Lusaka Angling Virtual Store Contact: Kevin Bonel: 0961105293

  • 06 Dec 2019 13:48 | Lilia Samui (Administrator)

    Dear Members,

    As of December 1, 2019, the Zambian Government has banned fishing activities in all water bodies across Zambia except Lake Kariba and Lake Tanganyika.

    The Ban will be lifted on February 29, 2020.

    Furthermore, the Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Nkandu Luo has also indicated that the Government would on January 1, 2020 also effect a ban on Lake Kariba and Tanganyika after a Statutory Instrument (SI) to that effect has been put in place. 

    The Minister says her Ministry Team will embark on sporadic inspections on all checkpoints and water bodies to ensure that no one abrogates the LAW.

    We urge all our members to take note of the ban and comply accordingly.

    Thank you.

    Michael Bentley,

    President, ZSFA Executive Committee, 2019

    Ref: Times of Zambia Edition No.18,544 Dated 02/12/19

  • 15 Jan 2019 22:16 | Lilia Samui (Administrator)

    The ZSFA is holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Saturday, 16th March 2019 at CHRISMAR HOTEL. 

    We have changed the date from our usual last Saturday of February because the first International fishing competition starts on the 24th of Feb and we need to have all the Internationals Team Members attend the AGM. The Weekend of the 9th of March is a long weekend. 

    All members are invited to attend and to take an active part in discussion to ensure that the decision-making process is fair and representative of the whole Association. It is an opportunity for members to voice their interests in the future of the ZSFA.

    It is also an opportunity to recruit ‘new blood’ onto the Committee. The ZSFA needs fresh new faces on the Committee with fresh new ideas to ensure the continued success of the Association.

    All members are entitled to be Committee members and need just one other member to nominate them. We therefore request, all nominations, made with the agreement of the candidate, be sent by email to or you can speak to any one of the committee members at the AGM.

    Please make the effort to attend this meeting! All International Fishing Team Members are obliged to attend.

    See you soon!

    ZSFA Executive Committee 

  • 11 Jan 2019 20:17 | Lilia Samui (Administrator)

    Dear Members,

    We are aware you that you may have experienced trouble with making payments directly into our Standard Chartered Account. 

    We have been experiencing some technical difficulties with our account and unfortunately have had little support from the Bank. 

    The Executive Committee has been working tirelessly behind the scenes for a number of weeks to get the technicalities resolved, until we had no choice but to make the decision to move our Account. We can now confirm we have done so with Stanbic Bank. 

    We kindly request that you re-confirm that your initial deposit to the Stanchart account was processed.If it was: please resend the proof. If it wasn't;  we kindly ask you to now process your payment through to the new account.

    We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. 

    Rest assured we are now back online and shall respond and confirm all your renewals as soon as we receive proof of your payments to the new account.

    Zambia Sport Fishing Association

    Stanbic Bank Zambia LTD ZMW Account: 9130002246086

    Branch Code: 040002

    Swift Code: SBICZMLX

    Lusaka Main Branch Woodgate House, Ground Floor, Corner of Nairobi Place & Cairo Road

    Thank you for your patience and understanding,

    Michael Bentley,

    President, ZSFA Executive Committee, 2018

  • 01 May 2018 09:07 | Lilia Samui (Administrator)

    We are updating our Member Website!

    Dear ZSFA Member,

    Happy Labour/ May Day!! And what a fantastic day for Fishing it is!

    As you may have noticed we are updating our Webpage - but we now need YOUR help! Here is how: 

    1. Please send pics of you and your team's fishing adventures/ catches!! Please add a small caption, location and story behind the picture. 
    2. We are calling on all organisations who wish to partner with us and offer special deals exclusive for ZSFA members! Your Logo will appear on the ZSFA Webpage. A member has to provide a valid member number (verified by us) to claim the special offer.
    3. Tell us your story! As ZSFA one of our goals is promoting conservation of fishing in Zambia - Let us know how you are helping in your community! 
    4. To all Fishing Competition Organisers - please do send us info in advance of your comps so we can let our members Know what is going on - send us links to your Facebook/ Web pages and Competition Entry info. We will be happy to add the link on our Webpage! We are here to support you!

    Please send your stories, pictures and logos/offers to

    Enjoy your day off!

    Tight Lines!

    Michael Bentley,
    President, ZSFA Executive Committee, 2018

  • 07 Feb 2018 20:07 | Lilia Samui (Administrator)


    Saturday, February 24th at 12:00hrs, CHRISMAR HOTEL

    Special Accommodation Rates for ZSFA Members!!!

    Twin Rooms 

    - Single Occupancy/night - K600 

    - Double Occupancy/night - K700!!!

    *Room Rates inclusive of Breakfast. *Valid for the weekend of the 24th of February only.

    Please ensure you tell the reservations team you are attending the ZSFA AGM on the 24th of February.

    Contact: Chrismar Hotel Lusaka

    Los Angeles Boulevard, Lusaka

    +260 211 253036; +260 975 049706;

  • 01 Jan 2018 17:15 | Lilia Samui (Administrator)

    Dear Member,

    The Executive Committee wishes you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! Here is to a Fish-filled 2018!!!

    During the last ZSFA Executive Committee Meeting, it was discussed that due to a number of factors such as inflation, ability to offer improved services and offerings, and to support the growth of the organisation; it was resolved that effective January 1, 2018, there will be changes in the Membership Fees as follows:

    • Child Membership (Under 16) - Individual membership type - Free 
    • Couple membership - Bundle membership type (up to 2 members) - K750.00 (ZMW) 
    • Individual membership (16 and Older) - Individual membership type - K500.00 (ZMW) 
    • Temporary Membership (Non-Resident per Comp) - Individual membership type/ per competition - K300.00 (ZMW)

    Furthermore, the Executive Committee also resolved to introduce an exciting new Membership type: Premium Membership (16 and Older)- Individual membership type - K1,500.00 (ZMW).

    This Premium Membership, when rolled, out will offer the benefits of a Basic membership PLUS access to so much more- such as Discounts on participating Lodges and Fishing Tackle Shops. We will provide more information on the benefits of this Membership in our first edition of our Newsletter soon!

    We are aware that Invoices have already been sent with the old Membership Fees, and we sincerely apologize for this! We therefore, kindly request you make your membership payment in line with the above Fees.

    Membership Cards will be issued out, and online Memberships updated once the correct payments have been received. Please email with proof of payment - either a copy of a receipt or a bank confirmation/ deposit slip.

    We sincerely THANK YOU for your membership and patronage! Remember, your membership goes a long way towards hosting various annual fishing tournaments and sponsorship; as well as towards the Promotion of Fishing Conservation and the Sport of Angling in Zambia! 

    Don't forget you can update your ZSFA membership by logging-in with your email and password at

    Tight Lines!

    ZSFA Executive Committee
  • 07 Jan 2017 11:55 | Kevin Bonel

    Dear Member,

    The Executive Committee wishes you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year and fish-filled 2017.

    The 2017 Annual General Meeting shall be held as follows:

    • Venue is the Chrismar Hotel on Los Angeles Bvld. This is between the Lusaka Golf Club and Lusaka Club. 
    • Date is Saturday 25th February 2017 starting at 1400 hrs.
    • Fisheries and Inland Waterways have been invited and are expected to attend.
    Many thanks to the Chrismar Hotel for agreeing to host our 2017 AGM and for agreeing to waive their room booking rate. For our members who live outside Lusaka the Chrismar is also offering reduced room rates.

    There will be a cash bar for Members and there will be snacks available.

    The agenda will be posted and made available to Members nearer to the time.

    In terms of 2017 Membership Subscriptions the Executive Committee are delighted to announce our decision to freeze 2016 rates for 2017. There will be no 2017 rise in subscriptions. Times are hard but 2016 was a good year for the ZSFA and we hope this continues into 2017.

    Hope to see you at the AGM and tight lines

    The 2016 Executive Committee.
  • 26 Sep 2016 18:45 | Kevin Bonel

    The Zambezi All Species went ahead as planned on 19th to 21st August at Gwaabi Lodge. Although attendance was slightly low by historical standards the tournament was hugely enjoyed with some great fish caught and some excellent prizes won!!

    A special thanks to the event Sponsors:

    • Action Auto Ltd
    • SAB
    • Gwabi Lodge
    • Lusaka Angling Centre
    • Aliboats Ltd
    • Exclusive Brands Africa Ltd (Cadac)
    A total 352 fish were caught under the new format, of which 300 were released back into the river alive and well. A remarkable 85% return rate and congratulations to all the competitors for being true to the catch and release spirit of the event.

    Some notable fish were caught during the event and well done to the anglers that not only caught these fish but returned them be caught again another day:

    Mike Streeter: 10 point and 7 point Cornish Jacks (that's about 11 kg and 8 kg respectively).
    Stu Mackay: 30 point and 20 point Tiger Fish (around 5.5 kg and 4 kg respectively)
    Benji Cocker (Jnr Angler) for a 1.512 kg Nkupe
    Mick Kennedy for two large Eastern Bottlenose

    The top five teams, with the winning team being a family team for the first time in many years, are as follows:

    1. Team Fish On comprising Rod Mackay, Staley McKay, Anna-Leigh Mckay (Jnr) and Kara Mackay. Day One - 174.98 pts. Day Two - 294.09 pts. Total 469.07 points. Very well done.
    2. Team Far Cue comprising Chad Zorab, Darren Young and Eamon. Day One - 148.23 pts. Day Two 213.84 pts. Total 362.07 pts.
    3. The Mackays comprising Stu Mackay and Lianne Mackay (Jnr). Day One - 205.62 pts. Day Two - 149.67 pts. Total 355.29 pts.
    4. Team Simply Wild comprising Peter Vrodjak, Alex Woodley and Kevin McCauley. Total 321.86 pts.
    5. Team The Cockerdiles Comprising Stephen, Shannon and Kara (Jnr) Cockeral. Total 261.85 pts.

    So, very well done to the winning teams and hope to see you all again next year!
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