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  • 10 Apr 2016 14:58 | Kevin Bonel

    The Executive Committee are pleased to award a new Zambian Line Class Fishing Record to Darren Young for a great Sharptooth Catfish caught on 12 lb line in the 2015 River Lure competition.

    Name of Claimant: Darren Young

    Competition: 2015 River Lure

    Method: Crankbait

    Line: 12 lbs Fluorocarbon

    Common Name: Sharptooth Catfish (aka Black Barbel)

    Scientific Name: Clarian gariepinus

    Weight: 12.78 kg

    Very well done Darren !!

  • 10 Apr 2016 14:03 | Kevin Bonel

    Congratulations to Darren Young as being the 2015 Angler of the Year and defending his 2014 title ! And also to Deagan Zorab as the 2015 Junior Angler of the Year!

    The Top Ten results for 2015 Angler of the Year are:

    1. Darren Young - 41 pts

    2. P Vrdoljak - 35 pts

    3. C Zorab - 33 pts

    4. A Woodley - 30

    5. M Costantiono - 28

    6. J Van Blerk - 26

    7. D Zorab (Jnr) - 25

    8. E Miller (Jnr) - 23

    9. K Frick - 21

    10. C Jones - 21

    Well fished to all. The full results table will be published shortly.

  • 08 Apr 2016 11:19 | Kevin Bonel

    With the Government fee unit presently at 30 Ngwee the following are the 2016 angling permit fees applicable to our Members:

    1. Angling Permit (Recreation) for Persons resident in Zambia:

    i. Under 18 per month is 138 units or K41.40

    ii. Under 18 per annum is 830 units or K249.00 (round to K250)

    iii. Of the age of 18 years and above per month 280 units or K84.00

    iv. Of the age of 18 years and above per annum 1,666 units or K499.80 (round to K500.00).

    2. Persons not resident in Zambia is 2,800 units or K840

    3. Fishing Competitions are 4,160 units per week or K1,248.00 (payable by the Fishing Competition Organisers to Fisheries Department).

    Note - ZAWA will charge an ADDITIONAL daily angling fee of US$15 on anglers fishing in National Parks. Having a recreational fishing permit DOES NOT exempt you from this addition ZAWA fee.

    To obtain your fishing licence you will need to visit the Fisheries Department in Chilanga with a copy of your ID. They will fill out a bank deposit slip which you then need to take to the Indo-Zambia Branch in Chilanga and deposit your fee(s). Then return with the stamped deposit slip to Fisheries and they will only then issue your recreational angling permit.

  • 11 Feb 2016 12:07 | Kevin Bonel

    There are a couple of ways to pay your 2017 Membership Subscription.

    You can deposit directly (in cash or online payment from your account) into the Zambia Sports Fishing Association account as follows'

    Account Name: Zambia Sports Fishing Association

    Standard Chartered Bank Manda Hills Branch 

    Account 0150420041500

    Branch code 060030. 

    You will then need to notify Kevin Bonel ( who will confirm payment and issue your Membership Card and Receipt.

    Alternatively, you can pay direct at the Lusaka Angling Centre on Leopards Hill Road and immediately receive your 2017 Membership Card and Receipt.

  • 11 Feb 2016 11:59 | Kevin Bonel

    At a meeting of the Executive Committee on 4th February 2016 it was resolved that the 2016 Membership fees shall be as follows:

    1. Adult Individual - K200.00

    2. Adult Couple - K300

    3. Junior - K100

    Please note that these revised fees are applicable from the 2016 AGM onwards. If you pay your 2016 Membership before the upcoming AGM then you'll bag a bargain and pay at 2015 rates!!!!

  • 11 Feb 2016 11:17 | Kevin Bonel

    The 2016 Annual General Meeting shall be held at Lusaka South Country Club on Saturday February 27th 2016 from 1400 hours onwards. All members and prospective members are kindly invited to attend.

    Fisheries Department and Inland Waterways have been invited to also attend and issue permits etc.

    Hope to see you there!


  • 06 Mar 2015 07:11 | Michael Bentley (Administrator)

    The Competition Fee is clearly defined in the Fisheries Act (see below) – and it is the responsibility of the Venue (i.e. Lodge) to pay in addition to their Annual fishing licence as a lodge, hotel, whatever. This is not a fee on the individual angler. In addition, this is NOT THE SAME fee that is demanded by the Zambia Sports Council – which presently stands at K50 per competitor.

    For simplicity, and the message that we are trying to convey to both Anglers and Competition Organisers, the break down for a ZSFA sanctioned fishing Competition is as follows:

    • 1.       Each and every Zambian Resident or Citizen angler in a fishing competition is legally required to possess an Individual Recreational Angling Licence from Fisheries. They are not covered, nor absolved, from possessing an Individual Angling Licence by the Lodges annual fishing licence nor the lodges Competition Licence.
    • 2.       Lodges, hotels, etc.  are required to have paid their Annual fishing licence.
    • 3.       The venue for the competition is, in addition to their annual fishing licence, required to remit a Competition fee of 417 fee units. ( we understand that 1 fee unit = K1.80 ) Per week of competition – and I have doubts that Fisheries would countenance a part thereof payment (i.e. dividing the number of days for the competition by seven). Even though that would be the legally (and mathematically) correct approach.
    • 4.       The Zambia Sports Council charges K50 per competitor. This is normally built into the Entry Fee and collected by the ZSFA for remittance to the Zambia Sports Council.
    • 5.       ZAWA charges for Park Entry AND a further angling fishing permit in National Parks in addition to boat motor size, camping levy, vehicle parking . This is the Competitors to pay.

    The Act is not as clear as maybe it should be, but as an Association we have a duty of care to ensure that our Members that enter fishing competitions are fully compliant with the Law as it stands.


    Competitors to Pay

    • ·         Annual Angling Licence Recreational  to Fisheries
    • ·         Zambia Sports Council Competitors Fee
    • ·         Membership to ZSFA
    • ·         Any applicable ZAWA fees in National Parks

    Venue to pay:

    • ·         Their Annual Fishing Licence
    • ·         Competition Licence at 417 fee units.

    We welcome any further comment and debate, but I do hope that the above is clear.

  • 12 Feb 2014 16:12 | Michael Bentley (Administrator)
    Park Entry Fees

    National Park Citizens (K)   Residents/SADC Nationals (US$) International Self Drives(Residents/Non-Residents) US$
    Category A          
    South Luangwa 25,020/Person/day   20/Person/day 25/Person/day 30/person/day
    Lower Zambezi 25,020/Person/day   20/Person/day 25/Person/day 30/person/day
    North Luangwa 20,160/Person/day   15/person/day 20/person/day 25/person/day
    Mosi-oa-Tunya 15,120/Person/day   5/person/day 10/person/day 10/person/day
    Category B Citizens (K) Residents (K) Non- Residents (US$)    
    Kafue 20,160/Person/day 25,200/Person/day 15/person/day    
    Lochnivar 15,120/person/day 18,900/person/day 10/person/day    
    Sumbu 15,120/Person/day 18,900/Person/day 10/Person/day    
    Kasanka 15,120/Person/day 18,900/Person/day 10/Person/day    
    Category C:          
    Other Parks 10,080/Person/day 12,600/Person/day 5/Person/day    
    Category D:          
    School Parties 5,040/student/day 6,300/student/day 5/student/day    

    Aircraft Landing/Angling/Camping/Mooring/Vehicle Entry/Vessel Entry

      Locally Registered (K) Foreign Registered (US$)

    Vehicle < 3 tones net wt  12,600/vehicle/day 15/vehicle/day

    Vehicle > tones net wet 25,200/vehicle/day 30/vehicle/day

    Vessel < 50 hp 12,600/vessel/day 15/vessel/day

    Vessel > 50 hp 25,200/vessel/day 30/vessel/day

    Aircraft 75,060/vessel/day 30/aircraft/day

    Mooring in National Park 25,200/vessel/day 30/vessel/day

    Boating 31,320/vessel/day 20/vessel/day

    Canoeing/Rafting 25,200/trip/day 20/trip/day

      Citizens/Residents (K) Non-Residents (US$)

    Camping 18,900/person/day 5/person/day

    Angling 18,900/person/day 5/person/day

    Miscellaneous fees

      Citizens (K) Established Residents (K) Non-Resident


    US $

    Commercial Filming & sound recording 50,040/person/day   60/person/day

    Commercial painting 99,900/artist/week   60/artist/week

    Professional hunting license 1,000,080/year 3,000,060 6,000

    Apprentice Professional Hunting License 500,040 1,494,000 6,000

    Professional Tour Guides License 200,160 1,494,000 10,000

    Apprentice Professional Tour Guides License 200,160 1,494,000 2,000

    i. A day means the period from 06:00 hours to 18:00 hours (6:00AM to 6:00 PM); 

    ii. A child under the age of five years shall not pay for entry into any National Park. Children aged five years and above, but under thirteen years, shall pay 50% of the above rates;
  • 12 Feb 2014 11:25 | Michael Bentley (Administrator)

    We therefore remind you of the following legal requirements :-

    -  Boat operators must be in possession of a Launch Masters Certificate issued by Department of Inland Waterways.

    -  Boats must be registered with the same Department.  Renewal of this registration is required annually (the Department is new pro-active in that it travels to various centres in the country early in the year to facilitate registration.  They also attend our AGM for the same purpose.

    -  Safety equipment to be present in your boat - according to the Surveyor of Vessels:-

       Life Jackets - sufficient for all passengers & crew

       Fire Extinguisher

       First Aid Kit



       Bilge Pump / Bailing Bucket

    The ZSFA and the competition organisers working under the auspicies of the ZSFA are obliged to ensure that all boats and their operators meet these requirements when taking part in any ZSFA recognised event.  So members - PLEASE ensure that you boat safely and are within the law!!

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