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Zambezi All Species Results

26 Sep 2016 18:45 | Kevin Bonel

The Zambezi All Species went ahead as planned on 19th to 21st August at Gwaabi Lodge. Although attendance was slightly low by historical standards the tournament was hugely enjoyed with some great fish caught and some excellent prizes won!!

A special thanks to the event Sponsors:

  • Action Auto Ltd
  • SAB
  • Gwabi Lodge
  • Lusaka Angling Centre
  • Aliboats Ltd
  • Exclusive Brands Africa Ltd (Cadac)
A total 352 fish were caught under the new format, of which 300 were released back into the river alive and well. A remarkable 85% return rate and congratulations to all the competitors for being true to the catch and release spirit of the event.

Some notable fish were caught during the event and well done to the anglers that not only caught these fish but returned them be caught again another day:

Mike Streeter: 10 point and 7 point Cornish Jacks (that's about 11 kg and 8 kg respectively).
Stu Mackay: 30 point and 20 point Tiger Fish (around 5.5 kg and 4 kg respectively)
Benji Cocker (Jnr Angler) for a 1.512 kg Nkupe
Mick Kennedy for two large Eastern Bottlenose

The top five teams, with the winning team being a family team for the first time in many years, are as follows:

1. Team Fish On comprising Rod Mackay, Staley McKay, Anna-Leigh Mckay (Jnr) and Kara Mackay. Day One - 174.98 pts. Day Two - 294.09 pts. Total 469.07 points. Very well done.
2. Team Far Cue comprising Chad Zorab, Darren Young and Eamon. Day One - 148.23 pts. Day Two 213.84 pts. Total 362.07 pts.
3. The Mackays comprising Stu Mackay and Lianne Mackay (Jnr). Day One - 205.62 pts. Day Two - 149.67 pts. Total 355.29 pts.
4. Team Simply Wild comprising Peter Vrodjak, Alex Woodley and Kevin McCauley. Total 321.86 pts.
5. Team The Cockerdiles Comprising Stephen, Shannon and Kara (Jnr) Cockeral. Total 261.85 pts.

So, very well done to the winning teams and hope to see you all again next year!

Thank you for your support!!

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